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Lucky you! You've arrived at the website of PUNKS NOT DAD.


Who are they? The middle-aged masters of anarchy and destruction, who nevertheless pay careful adherence to the printed manual during the construction of IKEA furniture. They are the only band that truly speaks for a generation... their own.


Just because they like to wear Blue Harbour gear - and have a nice sit down after a brisk walk - doesn't mean they're not anarchists at heart! Just because the only remotely rock 'n' roll death they're likely to have is choking on a Sunday lunch roast potato - or having a heart attack whilst assembling an Billy bookshelf - doesn't mean they won't occasionally gob at old ladies (unless it's their mothers of course).


PUNKS NOT DAD are carefully dismantling the music scene and storing the pieces somewhere safe. After all - as they say themselves - “You never know when it might come in handy”.


PND are: Sid Life Crisis / Joe Strimmer / Johnny Cardigan / Adrian Viles / Andy Inflammatory

"Genius!" - TV Smith

"No need to lock up your daughters..." - The Times

"Not to be missed by anyone over 30!" - Fear & Loathing Fanzine

"A fine old racket!" - Repeat Fanzine